As I was leaving Billings yesterday I noticed there was a notepad with "Thoughts" written at the top. Apparently this motel provides everyone with some pen and paper to keep tracks of their thoughts.

Well I decided to take this pen and paper with me on my drive to Spokane, Washington to record my own thoughts. Without thorough explanations; this is what I wrote:


Billings, MO is pretty industrial.

Every part of Montana is either on fire, has been on fire, or could be on fire if someone sneezed wrong.

I bet this drive would be much prettier if visiblity wasn't reduced because of the smoke.

Religion (Christianity) is clearly very important to the people of Montana.

I need to start fly fishing.

There are a lot of really big trucks in Montana. Even more so than Texas.

I wonder how many bugs are on my bike.

Bozeman doesn't seem that cool.

I cannot believe that Mike Schoenfeld lived in Bozeman for a year.

Missoula seems like a place I should check out some time.

But maybe when it isn't actually on fire.

Sort of ironic that there is a forest fire just above the exit sign for a firejumping training facility.

I'm not much for Harry Potter.

Lake CdA is quite pretty. A bit busy, but still quite nice.

There are a lot of ads on the radio about Meth Abuse.

There seem to be a lot of "Taco Time" 'restaurants' here.

I bet Taco Cabana is better. It always is.

I could go for a quesadilla from Taco C, but it isn't 4:00 a.m. so it just wouldn't feel right.

I need to go to Sturgis.

A lot of really big people ride motorcycles.

Spokane is cooler than I thought it would be.

There are espresso shacks everywhere in Spokane.

I'm tired.

Damn there are a lot of bugs on my bike.

Marilyn's bike is much lighter than mine.

My front race wheel is lighter than Marilyn's. OHHHHH snap.

When my car has all of M and I's gear in it the resale value doubles.


From this morning


I'm tired.

The coffee here is terrible.

There are ads on TV here about Meth Abuse. I'm sensing a trend.

USA today wrote that the 20s are the new teen years; As it relates to self destruction. Breakthrough stuff there.

The breakfast buffet here is lame.

I wonder if they throw out the unused boiled eggs at the end of the day.

I doubt it. This one tastes a week old.