Wide Open spaces

I cruised from Boulder to Billings, Montana yesterday. Its not the most eventful drive, but the endless view of 'nothing' calms my soul a bit. When I first started riding my bike extensively outside of College Station, Tx I often found myself in what seemed like the middle of nowhere.

But when riding through nowhere I would be focused on the task at hand so it was just as noisy as the city I left. I guarantee that a flat tire or two helped give me a clearer view of the world around me at the time. Flat tires are a drag, but once the wind stopped filling my ears I got a clear understanding of how calm and peaceful my surroundings were. And all of a sudden everyone in the world would seem to be lost except me.

When I was driving through Northern Wyoming yesterday I pulled over to the side of the road the get something out of my trunk. At that moment there was not a car for miles in either direction (on an Interstate!) and got to hear my favorite sound: nothing.

I seem to seek out those quiet spots quite often. Its as if I seek a place of being untouchable. No internet, no cell phones, no tv, no one talking, no one driving, etc. All that's left is me (and often times my bike, but it doesn't talk).

Now for a run and then a drive to Spokane, WA.