two weeks left

I got a note from a buddy to get going on the blog,but I have had a hard time quieting myself over the last two weeks. Its pretty difficult for me to write anything when I cannot even keep a straight face for two minutes. I don't know what came over me, but I couldn't make it through one sentence with my buddies without cracking some joke or making some comment to
get a rise out of everyone.

I personally see this as a sign of genuine friendship with the folks that I have trained alongside with this year. The greatest friendships I have ever known have always involved an incredible amount of laughter and its wonderful to see that these friendships are obviously no different.

Ironman Canada is two weeks away now. I started the year without any intentions of doing this race, but I changed my race plans after traveling to Sweden in June to say good bye to my Grandfather. Despite the circumstances for the choice; I could not be happier that I found myself gunning for this one.


I suppose the dynamics of this choice had many indirect effects on my life that have turned out for the best. Its always a fulfilling moment when you realize that the lead up to a race is what will be remembered when its all said and done. I suppose the finishing time might fill some memory space as well, but it certainly won't be the justification for this year.

My friends will be.


My summer training has essentially come to an end and tomorrow I will be heading out to Penticton, Canada for two weeks. I'll be spreading the trip (in the car!) over three days to keep the travel stress low (and to not neglect some training). Heading out there early will give me the oppurtunity to really understand the course by riding it in pieces over the next couple weeks.


I'll give you all a new heads up when I get to Penticton on Wednesday. Health is good. Fitness is
good. My head is good. I'm looking forward to racing long again.