Damn Jayhawks

Actually those Jayhawks are alright. I didn't think I
would live to see the day when I would be glad to beat
Kansas (in football, of course), but such is life. I
actually flipped when the deep snapper screwed up and
caused a safety. I turned the TV off and headed out
for a ride. Seemed like it was too nice of day to
watch the Ags crumble. They ended up pulling it
together while I was away so maybe I'm on to

Not sure why I write these football reports since
they're about as boring as they come, but Saturdays
are my easy days and just about the only time I seem
to sit behind a computer with no real intentions.


I was riding my bike on FM 121 just outside of Gunter,
Texas on Tuesday when a truck grazed me so closely
that I actually freaked out. I yelled out of
fear/surprise and not simply in retaliation or
anything like that. AND the nice gentleman then took
it upon himself to flcik me off. I was so pissed off
that I found myself absolutely DRILLING IT (to quote
my amigo Macca) to catch him.

I didn't catch him. Apparently cars travel a bit more
quickly than bikes.

Suddenly all those jokes BB and I have made this year
about short life expectancies didn't seem so funny
anymore. Its one thing to deal with close calls. Its
another to deal with people who intentionally do it. I
wonder if he would have stopped if he had actually hit


Tomorrow ends the major bulk of my build towards
Ironman Florida. Almost everything has gone according
to plan and tomorrow's BIG day of training will
finalize that.

My fitness is coming together nicely and hopefully the
next few weeks' rest will bring out more improvements.


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