Damn Raiders

Man, that hurt. But I knew it would happen. You don't
give Leach and his offense two minutes to finish you
off. You_just_don't_do_it.

I was reading an article in the Dallas Morning News
yesterday morning about the Ags' loss to Tech. The
author mentioned that Franchione and his staff had
downplayed Tech as a rival. The author responded with:
"You are right, they're not a rival. They just beat
the Aggies." Touche. And I hang my head a little lower
every year.

You guys can hop onto www.texags.com to get a game
summary if you have no idea what I'm talking about.


Training went quite well this week and I got a little
redemption for the previsouly washed out weekend.
Everything pretty much went according to plan this
week and the weather cooperated nicely for some of my
harder sessions.

This upcoming week looks to be a bit challenging with
higher volume and warm weather throughout. I could
look at this in a positive light. The weather in PCB
at Ironman Florida will probably not be any warmer (if
it is, it will be a rough day) than what I will face
this week. Nevertheless, training in 90+ degrees day
after day gets a bit old once October rolls around.
Time for temperate temps.


What else?

Astros lost. I give them credit for making the season
count until the last game, but its a shame they
couldn't have made things happen throughout the


Other than that, there isn't much going on. Its kind
of that time of year where life is simple. You train,
you rest, and you race. Five weeks left.


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