Damn week

I'm pretty glad last week is over and done with. It
started out well with a great long run on Tuesday. I
was more than pleased with my performance on a 22-mile

That was the highlight. The low points included:

1)my car getting broken into on Tuesday night

2)a failed execution of Friday's track workout because
of fatigue and ridiculously bad weather.

3)My clothes got stolen at the natatorium while I was
swimming on Friday. Drove home in a drag suit.

4)Another failed execution of a workout: Sunday's long

Frankly, there was little I could about the failed
workouts. I obviously hit a wall late last week and my
body rejected any more hard work that was going to be
placed on it. There is a type of fatigue that an
athlete such as myself can push through, but I suspect
this time it was not that type. This upcoming week is
an important one so I decided to shut everything down
and rest up in hopes of alleviating that fatigue.
Worst case scenario; I wasn't as tired as I thought
and I'm more rested for this week. I don't think
that's the case though. I know me.

All for now. Beat Tech.


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