Go Army

Man. I never thought I would be yelling at the tv
hoping that Army won't run over the Aggie D Line and
completely upset us. It reminded me of 1996 when the
Aggies lost to Southwest Louisiana State (now U of La
Lafayette; aka U lala). Frankly I'm surprised the
Aggies won. The trend has not been a favorable one
since I started going to TAMU in Fall 1999. That was
our last season with eight wins. The team showed signs
of life in 04, but that was short-lived.

And so it continues (looks that way, at least).

I woke up this morning to a gnarly storm which cut the
electricity in the house. I sat in bed thinking about
how awesome my long ride was going to be... ...on the
trainer. I have no problems riding in the rain, but
there are flood warnings throughout the day so I don't
think I can get much quality out the door. Plus, my PT
would stop working early on (b/c of the rain) and
Coach J has put structure throughout the whole ride.

I have not used the trainer much this year, but I do
think it is a valuable tool for controlling conditions
for higher intensity sessions. Most of my intervals
have been longer (and more moderate in intensity) this
year (10-40 min) as my cycling training has been
prioritized less while my running has been emphasized.

However, my cycling has continued to improve
throughout the year despite a cut in volume. I
honestly believe it has as much to do with last year's
training than anything else. Seems like my fitness
improved very early on this year after a rest in the
offseason. I guess the body needs the time to get past
the deep fatigue that 10 months of training will do to

Well I'm just procrastinating at this point. I'll get
on that trainer and stare at the wall.


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