watching wisco

I'm sitting here watching IMW right now. My buddy
Chris is running in first place as we speak and I
would love to see him pull this off. Keep it up buddy.

Last weekend I raced in upstate NY and managed to a
win. I traveled all day Monday and got right back into
things on Tuesday. I don't have any races planned
between now and IMFL. My goals for this race are the
only priority at this point.

My primary goal is to qualify for Kona which would
require a top 5 finish (assuming no roll down).

My second goal is to run under three hours in the

While my run goal is secondary; I believe it holds the
link to goal number one. Running <2:59:59_and_racing
well otherwise, is what it is likely going to take to
get a Kona slot.

Currently Joe and are training for 2:55 (off the bike)
run fitness and I still think I'm a ways away from it.
However, I do feel as though everything is beginning
to fall into place. My forced rest in July (from knee
problems) is allowing my form to come on at a nice
pace, but its hard to tell how far I will improve from
now until Nov 3. I ran well in last weekend's race;
probably the best I've run all season, but IM running
is different. It involves the 'all day pace' and that
ADP isn't quite where I need it to be, but its coming.

Here's a brief look as to what this week included:

Monday: off for travel

8 mile run in the a.m.
3800 yd swim at Masters; pretty mellow
Late afternoon ride, 2:05, 40 miles.

Morning run, 30K; very steady descending throughout
the second 15K loop.
Afternoon spin 70 minutes; very easy

Morning swim 5K; main set of 1000,800,600,400,200
descending from 1:15 pace to 1:13s on the 200s. short
5 mile run shortly after
Afternoon ride with 2 x 1 hour at IM-IM+ power. 100K

Morning run with Vo2 hill repeats. 8 miles total
Midday swim; very easy for 2500.

Morning Masters; main set 18 x 100 varying intervals
from 1:30 down to 1:10. felt mediocre at best
170K ride beginning 90 minutes after swim. 2 hours
easy then 2 x 30, 3 x 20, 15, 12 10 minutes at HIM-10
to HIM watts. five minute recoveries on longer stuff
with 3 on the shorter.
quick T run of 15 minutes.

Sunday: morning run. 30K. Easy mostly, steady at
times. Just cruised.

Volume is moderate with exception of running, but
that's kind of the idea: Run more (and faster) to run

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