Endurance Corner Tucson Camp Day 1 and 2

The EC crew is hosting the first of two training camps here in Tucson, Arizona. Even though I lived in Phoenix for two springs ('04 and '05) I have never trained in Tucson (which is a much higher profile training spot). Yesterday was the second day of the camp and it included a summit up Mt Lemmon (21 miles and 6000+ feet of elevation gain). I had always heard about this ride, but (as mentioned) I had never done it.

I learned a couple things on that ride yesterday:

1. It takes a long time to climb Mt Lemmon.

2. Early season climbs over 20 minutes are quite tiring no matter how long I have been doing this.

I think all the campers (encompassing a wide range of abilities) felt a great deal of satisfaction after reaching the 8000 foot summit. I don't care who you are; 6000 feet of continuous climbing is challenging and should not be taken lightly. All the athletes reached the summit at ease and then cruised down the mountain to finish off with a short run off the bike.

As we transitioned to a run in Udall park we came across Bobby McGee (World Famous Olympic Running Coach) who was going through his famous drills with the Resident Triathlon Team (here on a training camp). Nice to see a cross section of athletes and lifestyles in one place. You know what they say about great minds....

After finishing their runs the athletes regrouped and headed up Star pass to the EC HQ for another one of Brooke and Russ' famous dinners. No one left hungry and everyone left happy (its close to the slogan: "Come Hungry; Leave Happy."

Today is a regroup day (for some) that includes an early morning swim; a moderate ride; and a midday run that ranges from short to long (10K to 10 miles)

More updates tomorow. I'll get some pictures posted as well,