EC Tucson Camp Day Three

Day three of the Camp was meant to be a bit of a regroup day; at least in terms of cycling mileage.

The day kicked off for most folks with a morning swim main set of

500, 5 x 100
400, 4 x 100
300, 3 x 100
200, 2 x 100
100, 100

After knocking out the swim everyone headed back for another stelllar breakfast before rolling out for the day's ride. One group opted for a mellow 30 miles and a second group went for slightly more miles at a good clip. Mat, Gordo, and I headed up the longer route and Mat reminded all of us (again) that he responds quite well to altitude (as he put in big pulls down here in AZ). I was rolling along second in line telling Gordo that we should probably nickname him "The Responder" given the way he rides down low.

After finishing up Mat, Jonas, and I went for a quick easy swim since we (minus Jonas) missed out on the morning fun. Jonas offered up a nice mellow drill/swim set and followed up with some stroke pointers for both of us.

After swimming we headed up to the EC HQ to run a nice easy 10K on some local trails. The scenery in the Saquaro West Park is really beautiful at this time of year and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The abundant moisture in the spring has left areas green that might not be otherwise.

Day Three closed out as every day does: Eating and Socializing. The conversations lasted a little longer than the previous two nights since most folks expended a little less energy throughout the day. Dr J headed up an informal discussion on bike fits and plenty of people we able to add valuable insight or offer questions.

Day Four is meant to be a balanced mixture of training with an emphasis on swimming. Some of the athletes might be heading into one of their biggest swim sessions of their season (or life??).

Until tomorrow,