Tucson Camp and April

I apologize for a lack of correspondence via blogging for the second half of the Endurance Corner Tucson Camp. I was busy making sure everyone was logging 30+ hour weeks and recovering well. I am confident that everyone got a nice overload from the training camp and can go back to their respective areas of the country with a slighlty higher level of fitness and a recharged passion for training and racing. It cannot be easy for some to go from sunny Arizona back to winter (I drove through snow coming into Boulder yesterday afternoon), but maybe spring will be just around the corner and the training can step up a notch.

Now that the first (of two) camp has passed I have had a little bit of time to reflect upon the athletes, the camp, AZ, etc.

I think the athletes that attended the camp probably do not give themselves nearly enough credit. The speed of the athletes encompassed a rather wide range, but the fitness to maintain their speed was a constant among them all. As Mat and I sagged the final ride (100+ mile Kitt Peak ride; including the summit) we mentioned that everyone finished, not only the day's workout, but the entire week, strong. It can be a dauntly task to ask an athlete who is accustomed to low double digit weekly volume to knock out 30-40 hours of training, but they all rose to the occassion.

One of the catalysts behind the execution of said volume was the cooking support that we had. More than half the campers mentioned to Brooke and Russ that they had "never eaten so healthy before." Its amazing what you can do with your body when it is properly nourished and its unfortunate that so many of us can overlook this. I think many folks see food and exercise as cancelling one another out ("exercise to eat"), but as athletes we need to keep a better perspective. Quality nutrition nourishes and fuels us for the demands we repeatedly place upon ourselves. Investing in better food choices in an investment in yourself (in life and athletics).

Additionally, it shouldn't be assumed that healthy food cannot be tasty as well. B+R assured us all of that!


April is finally here and hopefully so is the wamer weather. I'll be kicking off the season in less that two weeks at the Playtri Half Ironman in Irving, Texas (April 13). I raced this race last year and finished second to Todd Gerlach of Austin, Texas. I found it to be an exciting early season race so I'll be returning for another round. I hope to see some of you there.

All the best,