Still snowing

My folks came from Crested Butte to visit me this past weekend and they told me that Crested Butte had received 399 inches of snow as of last Friday. I just checked the report and CB received 8 inches yesterday; bumping them over the 400 mark.

Apparently even the hardcore of the hardcore are priming for summer and have had enough of this winter.

Its amazing how there can be such discrepancies from season to season. Last year the resort barely had enough coverage to make to closing ski weekend and this year they could keep it rolling to Memorial Day from the looks of things.

Its snowing in Boulder today as well. That is somehwhat annoying, but fortunately I will be racing in Texas this weekend ( so my training will be on the lighter side. I'm looking to get a good snapshot of my fitness this weekend so I'll be incorporating plenty of rest and recovery all week long. I am probably going to need it after my three day crash course in (hard) training over the weekend. Sometimes I need a strong push to get my body and mind ready for the demands of racing again. I've been on the sidelines for almost six months so my race readiness might not be in line with my actual fitness. I guess we'll see.

More in a couple days,