Last weekend I made it out to a 10K race. We had near
perfect racing weather which was a major contrast to
every running race I've done so far this
winter/spring. My mind started to calculate these
magical splits that I would be seeing now that the
weather was not in my way.

I managed to go through mile 1 in a conservative (and
planned) fashion, but I could not descend with my
training partner after that. He was off and I was not.
I descended my own race, but I could not hang with his
race plan. I should know I can't change how fast I
want to be by wishing for ideal conditions or
complaining about not be 'fully rested.' Those sorts
of things account for minor differences and not for
major breakthrough performances.

After the race I heard a lot of people that "need more
speed work" or "need to train harder." I'm not
knocking them as I was contemplating my on Vo2
intervals, but perhaps we (or I) all need to take a
step back and come to one simple conclusion: We just
need to be more fit if we want to reach our goals. We
need to do more of everything.

A fellow triathlete in AZ, Lewis Elliot (who I have
finished 2nd to in more race than I care to
remember!), and I were having a conversation after
some race last year. He mentioned that someone had
asked him "what was holding him back" from a real
breakthrough race now that he was racing pro.
"Everything. I need_to_get_better at everything."

Off to the track,


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