Not as cool as I think I am

A couple days each week I stretch a little longer than
I do on the other days. I go over to the National
Training Center and I spend about 30-45 minutes on the
"stretch cage." For all I know, "stretch cage" might
even be what this contraption is actually called, but
if not, its a good name/description. Basically you
have a series of bars going every way imagineable so
that every angle is covered for your stretching needs.
I see it pretty frequently now in most gyms, but only
in the last couple years so your gym might not have it

Anyways, I was just getting started the other day when
I noticed this nice lady was staring in my general
direction. For the next 30+ minutes I continued to
stretch and every few minutes my eyes would glance in
her direction, I would catch her looking over, and she
would quickly look in a different direction. I suppose
I was flattered, but I kind of wondered why she has
been doing this for so long. It had gone from cool to

Eventually I finished stretching and walked away. Just
as I did she walked over to the "cage" and proceeded
to begin her own routine. This poor lady had been
waiting for over half_an_hour for this thing. I don't
know what I find more amusing; the fact that someone
waited so long for this thing (its not_that_great) or
the fact that I actually thought it was me she was
interested in and not "the cage." I think the latter
is more amusing. Hints the title of this blog.


More of the same going on this week. I've had some
good sessions and I'll be racing the Winter Park 10K
tomorrow. (Mark B is going down!) Its the last running
race I'll be doing this spring before the tris begin
on April 2nd.


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