Happy New Year

Well I made it out to Clermont, Florida this past
weekend. I went to sleep around nine o'clock on New
Years eve, woke up early, and made the drive to the
Sunshine state. It was the first time I have ever
driven this way without some delay on I-10. Only 14
hours in the saddle because of this.

I've also been well enough to start training again
which has lifted my spirits considerably. Being sick
is no fun and I don't wish it upon anybody.

The first few weeks of any New Year always have a
familiar feel when you are hanging out in any fitness
locale. Lots of folks showing up, getting tours;
determined to live up to their New Years resolution.
By the first week of February most are gone.

I imagine I used to make NY resolutions when I was
younger, but its been long enough that I cannot
actually recall of them. I don't make new years
resolutions now. Assuming resolution is synonymous
with 'self-improvement' then I certainly would not say
I never make them at all. I make them all year long,
but I avoid procrastination for putting them into
action (except when I'm procrasinating).

On Monday...

Next month...

Next year....

Sound familiar? I would imagine that the long lasting
resolutions people stick to began on a Tuesday night
in the middle of summer when no one was looking. The
fact is; when something becomes important enough you
don't delay putting it into action. New Years cannot
come soon enough when you truly get your head wrapped
around something.

I quit using tobacco (smokeless) one random night
while watching tv. I just decided at that very moment
that I didn't want cancer (at least when it was in my
control). I found it hard to quit for years and then
all of sudden it was so simple.

Time to run. Cheers,


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