Week One Recap

The first week of the new year has come and passed. I
managed to get every planned session completed this
week. Normally this would not be anything to celebrate
about, but given how sick I was the week before, it
was an accomplishment.

Clermont definitely has a triathlon feel to it,
despite being the middle of 'winter.' I've seen Nina
Kraft and Lisa Bentley running around the Florida
tropics. Both look rather fit; again, despite it being
the middle of winter. Sheila T lives across the street
from my homestay and I joined ST and a group of
athletes for a 20K run this past weekend.

The run was quite civil and even pedestrian early on,
but someone opened it up near the end and I got
dropped quickly. 10-15 minutes of tempo left me
downright toasted for the rest of the day. I guess I'm
not that fit this winter! It was fun to get out there
and get pushed around a bit.

Sheila Taormina is still strong and fit after 30 years
of endurance training. She is currently working
towards making the 2008 Olympic team for Pentathlon
and has been sharpening her fencing, equestrian, and
shooting skills in addition to swimming and running.
The past three Olympics have included Sheila T, so why
not a fourth? A true professional athlete. The
Renaissance athlete.


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