Off to Cali

Some of you all might recognize the folks in that photo. You have the champion of Ahwatukee on your right and the 2005 Champion of the World on your left. This picture was taken in early 2006 when Faris was the current defending champ.

The Endurance Corner crew is headed off to a cycling camp put on by Vision Quest Coaching out of Chicago. The first day kicks off with a 10 mile TT and it looks as though there will be plenty of challenges along the way. It will be quite different to knock out 400+ miles considering I have rarely ridden more than 4 hours in one week so far this season. I hope Southern California can take a break from its wet weather pattern to allow us to have some pleasant riding weather, but I won't hold my breathe on that one.

I'll post some photos and updates from Cali when I get there. Gordo is flying back from the Southern Hemisphere after two training camps so he better bring it for the first TT!

Off to Cali Forn I A