Solvang Day One

I have about 20 minutes (this is Wed Morning) before I head out the door for this morning's swim so I'll give a brief recap of what went on yesterday here at the Vision Quest Camp in Solvang.

Each day has a series of challenges and goals for the campers. The first day included a 5 mile Time Trial after a 30 minute roll out. All the triathletes of the group were seen out very early in the morning logging a run before the 8:30 roll out, but hopefully none of them ran too hard. I know I was keeping things in check since I have had zero intensity lasting over a few minutes so far this year.

The Time Trial was only five miles in distance, but it was longer in terms of time because of the nature of the course. It began with a gradual false flat, then rolling, then finished with about a one mile climb. Everyone on the course had a power meter (supplied by Powertap if they did not bring their own) and we all posted our times and power averages for future placement in group rides.

Mark P, Gordo, Mat, and I all finished within about 20 seconds of each other which was exciting to see. I don't have the official times, but our watts were all over the place and it made for fun comparison. Mat posted the best power-to-weight numbers while I posted the best time-to-watts numbers.

All in all, it made for a good start to the day. From there we divided into different groups and headed out for another 40 miles of riding. The first 20 were pretty chill and then it went full on to the Solvang city limits. Having all those guys around never fails to bring out the best in me. I was gapped at the end and had to put in a monster surge to get back on. Don't think I'd be getting that stimulus on the ol' trainer in BoCO.

After finishing the ride we kicked it around the hotel before knocking out a 3500 yard swim at the Santa Ynez YMCA (as seen in "Sideways").

All in all, a good first day. The Camp that Robbie Venture and his crew are putting on is_top_notch. Everyone from Boulder is certainly enjoying themselves and I'm sure all the Midwest crew is as well.

More tomorrow,