Sunday, April 15

Ironman Arizona race day.

I got a late start on the day because I was following the IMAZ swim finish. Once I saw BB's result (nice improvement) I headed out to do a long ride.

I rolled out via 75th st in the flats and started riding steadily right away. The goal of today's ride was to log a lot of steady state intensity in the flats. I made one small modification because I wanted to get some climbing during the second half of the ride.

I rolled out to Carter Lake and climbed the frontside, then rode back to Boulder via 83rd, 75th, Lyons, 36. I got back to the house after 3:15 of ride time and quickly checked the race status. Afterwards I headed out and climbed the frontside of Lee Hill, Mile 10 of Lefthand, a little beyond Jamestown, and home via the backside of Olde Stage. That added about two hours of climbing (and descending)

Total ride time was around 5:15 or so with quality throughout the entire session. My acclimation is coming along and it could be readily noticed by my ability to competently climb the steeper grades (as opposed to merely surviving them). I still have a ways to go, but that relates more to my fitness, not my acclimization.

I was supposed to get a short run off the bike in, but I needed to get down to Denver to meet my dad for an early dinner. I got to check out a lot of downtown Denver that I had yet to see before. Pretty cool spot. Lots of bars, restaurants, lofts, etc. That's the way to do it if you have to be in a big city.

The total volume for the week was around 28 hours; the main highlights including the overall run volume (and quality), Sunday's ride, and every swim workout of the week.