Virginia Tech

Its hard to comprehend the tragedy that took place in Blacksburg this week. No matter how much information they find on the shooter it will never justify or rationalize such actions. My heart goes out to the families of the victims, to the witnesses, and to the students, faculty and community of Blacksburg. Its extraordinarily difficult to empathize with their pain and sadness. Few of us understand the immense injustices in the world. Most of us only understand the petty.

Hang in there Virginia Tech Nation. Here's to hoping you can all rise above this.


Training since Monday has included:

easy 10 x 200 meter swim; mix of everything. weights followed (and I saw the news on tv at this moment).

Nothing else on the day; Mondays and Fridays are almost always easy in Boulderworld.

Morning run at the Res with 8 x 90 sec @ vV02 (building to 184 to 185 HR) on 2:30 recovery. Total run around 8+ miles.

Swim shortly after at Elks. 3K aerobic main set on moderate intervals. Little over 4K total. Felt ok. I could not lift the pace at the end, but I did not fade either.

Ride about an hour after swim with Dennis, Gordo, Michael and me. Rode 36, backside of Carter, and home via 75th. My climbing is starting to come around as I climbed the backsde competently this go round. About 70 miles in 3:30

Morning run, very easy 45 minutes finishing just before the swim began

Swim with some faster work. About 3200 total with 1200-1300 of hard/fast swimming. Felt Ok, but tired at the end.

Afternoon ride with a 15 mile climb up lefthand canyon. Probably the highlight of the day as I kept a high zone 2/zone 3 tempo the whole way. I am not feeling beat up at the higher altitudes so accilmization is coming along nicely. About 2:25 ride time

Finished up and headed over to Sports Garage to pick up the serviced PT. My ergomo is whacked out so I might need to send that back in. Hopefully the issues with my backup PT will be alright.