Training styles

Yesterday I was out for a 90-mile ride ‘Bjorn-Style’: strong, steady, long rides with no HRM, PM, etc. He might not do so anymore, but I still credit these types of rides as such.

As I was riding yesterday I noted the fact that I was ‘Bjorning’ the ride and I started to think about the other names that have been incorporated into training/workouts.

I really don’t have that many. Whenever I do “Cam Brown training” it means I attack the day’s training so that its completed by 2-3 in the afternoon. However, you have to get in at least six hours of training so you have to get rolling early.

I figure I can probably think of some others.

“Lessing training” would involve sessions where everyone is absolutely pinned. Just staying with the group would be solid workout execution.

“Mike Larsen training” would involve me calling my not-as-fit friends out for a ride and then promptly drilling them (sorry buddy. I look forward to the day I can return the pulls).

“JD training” would only be training during traditional business hours; 8 or 9 to 5. You also have to drink coffee that is at least twice as strong as everyone else’s and get very, very quiet when tired.

“Chris McDonald training” would be somewhat similar to JD training (minus uber coffee) except his days start earlier. IOW, one must train no later than 5 in the evening, but 5:00 a.m. swim sessions are ok. If you do this you must also be the most chipper of the group and never complain.

“Marilyn training” is similar to CMac and JD training. Take the coffee from JD and the hours from CMac. Fatigue includes a need for cold rooms.

“Armando training” incorporates goals of looking good as well as getting fit. Absolutely no mismatching gear.

“Marc Bonnet-Eymard training” is hard.

“Molina training” incorporates six-hour recovery days.

“Partain training” involves mandatory late nights before early morning sessions and lots and lots of fuel belts.

“BB training” includes ridiculous indoor training hours. If someone else has put in_consecutive_40+ hour training weeks indoors they can claim lead name. Oh yeah; You also have to work 20+ hours_on_your_feet and sleep NO more than five hours a night during these weeks.

I’ll think of some more. Anyone would reads this and can think of more send them to me and I’ll post them.